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Skyland Group's property investment and development approach is centred around identifying potentially undervalued and underutilised real estate in Sydney and transforming it into beautifully curated and highly sought after homes. Leveraging off our wide and deep network of relationships with various parties in Sydney, especially the Eastern Suburbs, Skyland Group is able to uncover these opportunities often off-market and maximise returns for our investors.

Skyland Capital is the acquisitions and funds management arm of Skyland Group. We offer our equity partners the opportunity to partake in our journey in delivering high-end luxury real estate to Sydney, shaping Sydney's landscape in a sustainable way and achieving strong investment returns for their wealth creation goals. Transparency and integrity are our core values. If you are interested in becoming partners with us, contact us.


The Story

Prior to developing luxury homes in Sydney, the Su family business has a long history in antiques dealing. For over 30 years, antiques, art and furniture was a passion, and an opportunity to serve and develop relationships with the local community. Being able to spot authenticity and value was the key to the trade. Now, the same obsession with quality, detail and luxury necessary to deal in antiques has been brought over to the world of luxury property development. The first family development began in 2008 in Double Bay and since then Skyland Group has stayed only in the Eastern Suburbs, delivering high-end luxury homes to the local community.