Who we are

Curating for timelessness and luxury

Founded by father and son, Ray and Travis Su, Skyland Group prides itself as a specialist in bringing high-end luxury homes to Sydney's coveted Eastern Suburbs. With a penchant for detail, we are dedicated to delivering unparalleled opulence and unrivalled quality to the art of living.

We are extremely hands on - believing that the most timeless and valuable pieces in the world, be it homes or other luxury goods, require a meticulous dedication to the details. The greatest luxuries are masterfully crafted with no shortcuts and so all of our homes are uniquely designed and custom.


Taking Life Skyward


Our Story


Prior to developing luxury homes in Sydney, the Su family business operated and dealt in antiques. Operating multiple antique and furniture stores in Sydney's Eastern Suburbs such as Double Bay and Bondi Junction, the family served the local community by appraising and trading beautiful pieces of antique furniture, timepieces, artwork, sculptures and other luxury goods. Visits were often made to auction houses and private homes to appraise furniture and antiques that have been in families for generations. For over 30 years, antiques and furniture was as much the family business as it was a passion, and an opportunity to serve and develop relationships with the local community.

Being able to spot authenticity and value in the detail of these historic antiques and furniture pieces was the key to the trade. Now, the same obsession with quality, detail and luxury necessary to deal in antiques has been brought over to the world of luxury property development. Being in Sydney's Eastern Suburbs and operating in the luxury market for over 30 years, the Su family, now under Skyland Group, brings the same dedication to impeccable craftsmanship to their homes.



Travis Su & Ray Su are both Managing Partners of Skyland Group, a father and son duo specialising in delivering luxury property to Australia. Travis Su (left) began his real estate career since graduation from university, and holds a Bachelor of Commerce (Finance) and Masters of Property & Development from UNSW with Dean's List accolades. Following years with real estate industry leader Colliers International, Travis founded Skyland Group with his father Ray and has since been involved in multiple development projects in Sydney's Eastern Suburbs with experience in multi-residential apartment development, townhouses, boarding houses, and luxury homes. Areas include Bellevue Hill, Darling Point, Double Bay, Bondi Junction and Vaucluse.

Ray Su (right) is a prolific real estate investor in Sydney's Eastern Suburbs having lived there for over 40 years and operating the family antique business. His keen eye for detail, business acumen, and wide network of strong relationships were key to his real estate investment/development career. Bringing his passion for antiques and luxury into the real estate space, Skyland Group has since taken on the direction of ultra-luxury development. Extremely hands on, Ray is personally very heavily involved in the development process and ensures every project meets his standard of perfection and luxury.